Changing weather patterns, severe storms, power outages and roadside emergencies are affecting us all more each year. Secur Products combine the
latest innovations in technology with portable dynamo and solar power options that require no external charging or batteries. In emergency situations, Secur Products deliver emergency lighting, communications and keep your cell phone and digital devices up and running so you’ll stay informed, connected, safe and secure.


Combining the latest developments in dynamo generators, portable solar panels, lithium-ionbatteries, LED lighting and emergency radios, Secur Products offer high performance / lightweight solutions for outdoor sports, camping, backpacking, hunting, fishing or just being outdoors. Outfitted with portable, alternative power solutions, our flashlights, lanterns, radios and cell phone chargers never need batteries or fuel. Lighten your load and venture far off the grid with Secur. 



In today’s digital age, we have become more dependent than ever on portable devices running on rechargeable batteries. Power-hungry applications continue to decrease the amount of time smart phones and tablets can operate without recharging. Secur Products offer a wide range of solutions for expanded portable power storage and lightweight off-grid power generation for emergency and long term use. Welcome to the world of true portability brought to you by Secur.